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QuickSpray Supreme W

VIP is a leading research and development company specialising in advanced new adhesive technologies for plastics, metal, steel, wood and many other substrates .

Bonding of innovative composite surfaces, the usage of modern substrate designs and special application processes demand a high degree of superior system solutions on both prototyping and small-series production. VIP adhesive systems score with extraordinary curing speed and outstanding technical properties.

VIP polyurethanes and methacrylates set new industrial standards for GRP, CFRP and SMC applications.

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2K Polyurethane: Flexible & Plyable

2K Methyl-Metacrylate: Structural adhesive

2K PowerWeld – Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA)
Fast & high strength & rigid bonding, primerless, 4-8 minutesTDSMSDS Login*

Technical request Adhesives

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